Arkanoid-like game

Game screenshot

I created this game in 2008. Move the paddle to bounce the stone towards blocks and monsters. To finish the level, break all the blocks and monsters in it. Some levels have monsters and bosses attempting to destroy your paddle by shooting at it. There is a store between levels to buy impovements with your score points.


  • Left and right arrows: move the paddle.
  • Space - shoot with a bomb from the paddle.
  • CTRL - shoot with a superweapon, that destroys everything on its way. Ammo is very limited. You have one charge at the beginning of the game and get one more for each boss.
  • F2 / F3 - Save / Load.
  • P - pause, ESC - unpause.
  • ESC - exit.

Note: the game is not translated into English, it was initially created for Russian speakers. The main gameplay barrier for non-Russian speakers is understanding what items to buy in the store. Other things can be guessed out of context.