Ghost Planet

Ghost Planet 2D Screenshot Ghost Planet 3D Screenshot

There are three different types of levels with different goals:

  1. kill all the ghosts in the level
  2. open the white door with the white key
  3. kill the boss
  4. bonus level: collect as much money as possible within limited time
  5. arena with multiple waves of attacking ghosts

There are several kinds of weapons:

  1. pistol (пистолет)
  2. plasma jet (плазмомёт)
  3. plasma shotgun (дробоплазм)
  4. sniper plasma gun (плазминтовка)
  5. plasma grenades (плазмгранаты)
  6. plasma destroyer (плазменный уничтожитель).

All kinds of weapons use energy as ammo except the pistol that uses bullets. Only two kinds of weapons are available since the beginning of the game. Other weapons can be bought in the store between levels.

By killing ghosts the player absorbs their souls which restores his health and gives the energy necessary for plasma weapons. There is also an experience system allowing to improve players skills after every level up.

There is a level 0 that is used to choose the level of difficulty. To choose the easiest difficulty leave the first area without killing any ghosts. The more ghosts you kill before you leave the area, the more difficult game you will get.

If you finish the game you will unlock a new game mode - Challenge.


  • WASD - move
  • Mouse cursor to turn player towards it
  • Left Mouse Button or Space - shoot
  • G - throw a plasma grenade
  • Mouse wheel or digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… - choose the weapon
  • Arrow Up (or right mouse button) - move forward
  • Arrow Down (or mouse wheel press) - move backward
  • Arrow Right - turn right
  • Arrow Left - turn left

Note: the game is not translated into English, it was initially created for Russian speakers. The main gameplay barriers for non-Russian speakers is understanding what items to buy in the store and choosing the game difficulty level. Other things can be guessed out of context or by reading the description above.