IntraEngine - 3D game engine

Demo screenshot Demo screenshot Demo screenshot

Language: C++11

Graphics API: OpenGL 3.3+ (has an abstraction to add more APIs)

Supported platforms: Windows (has a platform abstraction class to add more platforms, also supported Linux before)


  • Procedural texture generation (different noise types, color spaces, basic operations)
  • Dynamic lighting with multiple lights + normal mapping, parallax (no shadows yet)
  • Modular shader system (as an alternative to ubershaders)
  • Declarative text language to define effects, posteffects, shaders with their parameters, and shader modules.
  • GPU particle system based on my own technology (no sorting yet). For for details see this project
  • Posteffects: HDR, sun shafts, FXAA, SSAA, DOF
  • Flexibility to create user-defined vertex formats including compression and multiple vertex streams
  • Texture compression DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, RGTC_Red, RGTC_RG even for procedural textures by compression
  • Audio sources with or without streaming. WAV, OGG Vorbis
  • Procedural MIDI synthesizer (the quality isn’t great, but works the same on every platform)
  • Own containers instead of using STL
  • Most resources are copy-on-write, no raw or smart pointers in their interfaces
  • 3D model formats: MD5 (without skeletal animation), 3DS, OBJ
  • Supported image formats: BMP, TGA, DDS, KTX, PNG, JPG
  • Text rendering (binary BMFont and TrueType fonts)

I abandoned this engine in 2016. After Vulkan had been released, I realized that I want to organize my architecture to reduce CPU overhead and to be able to add Vulkan support. This required large-scale architecture refactoring that could take about a year to do. At that time I was a student and I had to do my research work that was taking a lot of my energy and time. This is why I decided to stop developing the engine and move some parts of it into separate projects:

Unfortunately, I don’t publish its sources because they are difficult to build. At that time, I didn’t use VCS or build systems. I kept all my source files in my Dropbox folder that was separate from the Visual Studio project, so the project contains absolute paths pointing to the disk structure I had at that time. In February 2021, I decided to set aside a day to sort out all this mess, move it to CMake and upload to Github. But when I tried to build the project with MSVC 2019, I bumped into a lot of other issues that caused errors. When I fixed all the compilation errors and ran the engine, it just crashed. The reason was probably a bug in my old ref-counted string class or in its users. Since I don’t want to support that old class anyway, I decided, that it wasn’t worth to debug and fix. It was not STL compatible, so replacing it required a large-scale refactoring and means continuing the development and doing what caused me to abandon the engine at the first place 5 years ago. I hope that someday I will find time to continue its development, do all these things and then publish the sources. However, it is not going to happen soon because I want to fix other broken projects first.